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  • Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) is the name of the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The station is operated by the national railway company NMBS
  • Meir is the main shopping street in Antwerp, Belgium. Only the Nieuwstraat / Rue Neuve avenue in Brussels is a more important shopping area in the country. Situated in the centre of Antwerp, Meir connects the Town Hall with the Central Station. Between 2002-2004 it was the most expensive shopping street in the Benelux. Since the opening of the historic Stadsfeestzaal-shopping center in 2007 the Meir regained that position. It has the highest rents of any street in Belgium, at 1,700 €/square metre/year.[1] The name comes from the old Dutch word "meere" (lake). The Meir used to be a so-called "wood lake" (houtmeer), where wood destined for use in furniture would be kept wet for a time.
  • The Grand Place (or 'Grote Markt') of Antwerp is the most famous square in the city. The historic centre of Antwerp is located around the main square and the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral. Around the Grand Place are the famous guild houses, the city hall and numerous restaurants and cafes. Every winter a nice Christmas market and an ice rink are located on the square. 

According to a 16th century legend Antwerp owes its name to the giant Druon Antigoon who chopped of the hands of the sailors who did not want to pay toll and who cast them in the Scheldt river. On the Grand Place you will see a statue of the Roman soldier Silvius Brabo who supposedly did the same to the giant after he had slain him. The statue was made by Jef Lambeaux who also made some statues for the gables surrounding the Grand Place, including the equestrian statue on top of the House of Spain building. This 16th century building is the largest house on the square.
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 Belgian cuisine is renowned and there are many prestigious and highly-ranked restaurants in Belgium.

Belgian chocolate and beer are particularly famous and widely sold.
We invite you to visit Godiva, Marcolini, Neuhaus and many others chocolate houses.
There are over 500 varieties of beer and Belgium houses the biggest brewery in the world “ Inbev”.
One of the legendary beers is Trappist beer, traditionally made by monks. Each abbey's beer is served in its own glass and only seven breweries (six of these are Belgian) are allowed to brew Trappist beer.
Chimay – Orval – Rochefort - Westmalle – Westvleteren - Achel

Belgian Cheese; we are maybe a small country but cheese is also one of our culinary specialties.
The most famous is our Brusselse kaas also called “stink kaas”. Some well knowed:
Affligem – Loo – Oud Brugge – Herve – Passchendaele – Damme – Corsendonk – Chimay – Floreffe – Maredsous – Père Joseph – Bleu de Franchimont

Other Belgian specialties:

French fries
Moules frites
Vlaamse stoofkarbonnaden (beef stew with beer, mustard and laurel)
Paling In 't Groen (river eels in a sauce of green herbs)
Waterzooi (a broth made with chicken or fish, cream and vegetables)
Steak Tartare
Stoemp (consists of pureed or mashed potatoes, other root vegetables and can also include cream, bacon, sausages, herbs and spices)
Brussels sprouts
Speculoos (a sort of biscuit)
Belgian waffles (Brussels waffles or Gaufres de Liège)