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  • Antwerpen-Centraal (Antwerp Central) is the name of the main railway station in the Belgian city of Antwerp. The station is operated by the national railway company NMBS
  • Meir is the main shopping street in Antwerp, Belgium. Only the Nieuwstraat / Rue Neuve avenue in Brussels is a more important shopping area in the country. Situated in the centre of Antwerp, Meir connects the Town Hall with the Central Station. Between 2002-2004 it was the most expensive shopping street in the Benelux. Since the opening of the historic Stadsfeestzaal-shopping center in 2007 the Meir regained that position. It has the highest rents of any street in Belgium, at 1,700 €/square metre/year.[1] The name comes from the old Dutch word "meere" (lake). The Meir used to be a so-called "wood lake" (houtmeer), where wood destined for use in furniture would be kept wet for a time.
  • The Grand Place (or 'Grote Markt') of Antwerp is the most famous square in the city. The historic centre of Antwerp is located around the main square and the impressive Notre Dame Cathedral. Around the Grand Place are the famous guild houses, the city hall and numerous restaurants and cafes. Every winter a nice Christmas market and an ice rink are located on the square. 

According to a 16th century legend Antwerp owes its name to the giant Druon Antigoon who chopped of the hands of the sailors who did not want to pay toll and who cast them in the Scheldt river. On the Grand Place you will see a statue of the Roman soldier Silvius Brabo who supposedly did the same to the giant after he had slain him. The statue was made by Jef Lambeaux who also made some statues for the gables surrounding the Grand Place, including the equestrian statue on top of the House of Spain building. This 16th century building is the largest house on the square.
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 Why Antwerp

  1. Fashion
  2. Diamond
  3. Historical Port
  4. Rubens
  5. Maritime

Antwerp – city on the Scheldt, city of Rubens, of diamonds, of fashion, a port city...
The sum of all these different aspects is what makes Antwerp into a real city: a vibrant, welcoming metropolis, which is also great fun and heart-warming, with green areas where you can relax and peaceful corners.
Antwerp is a veritable cultural capital, which prides itself on its impressive architecture and splendid art.
Moreover, Antwerp is a fashionista’s dream destination thanks to the stores of its world-renowned designers.
The cafes only serve the best beers and foodies can enjoy the most delicious traditional and multicultural cuisine in the city’s restaurants.
Antwerp: a pocket-sized metropolis which is sure to conquer anyone’s heart in no time at all.

As you arrive in Antwerp by train you will immediately notice that this is a bustling metropolis, a real melting-pot of cultures. Take a culinary trip around the world in the many restaurants ans delis around Antwerp's magnificent Central Station.

Feel like escaping the bustling city centre ? Then head over to the Eilandje district. Originally this was the city’s port, but nowadays it has become a trendy neighborhood, which is rapidly developing. Many of the old warehouses around the marina in Willem Dock have been converted into trendy lofts, clubs and restaurants.

Grote Markt is the real heart of the city. Admire the beautiful town hall and the historic gabled facades of the buildings around the square as you enjoy a typical Antwerp “Bolleke” beer in one of the authentic restaurants and cafés. The imposing spire of the cathedral of Our Lady towers above cobbled medieval streets where you can shop for souvenirs. Above all, don’t forget to visit the Baroque Carolus Borromeuskerk in cosy Hendrik Conscienseplein. 

Meir is Antwerp’s most prestigious and busy pedestrian shopping street. Several large international chains have opened stores in the imposing eighteenth- and nineteenth century buildings. A visit of the Stadsfeestzaal shopping centre is highly recommended: the beautiful restored setting alone is worth checking out. Walk over the Wapper, the square of Meir, in front of the historic Rubens House, where you can enjoy a drink on one of the many terraces. 

Do you appreciate class and timeless elegance? Then Schuttershofstraat, the Horta centre and Hopland are an absolute must-see. Are you looking for something antiques and interior decoration? Then the neighbourhoud between Sint-Jorispoort, Mechelsesteenweg and Leopoldstraat is the perfect place for you. Discover a haven of peace and quit Antwerp’s botanical garden. If you like markets, then the exotic Saturday market in Theaterplein will tap in to all of you senses. And every Sunday you can stroll through the famous “vogelmarkt” in this square.  

Zuid is where Antwerp’s cultural heart beats and the neighbourhood has three fabulous museums to underscore this point: M  HKA (the Museum of Contemporary Art), FoMu (Photo Museum) and KMSKA (the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp).